Variety and Accuracy
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Variety and accuracy
Passed on from generation to generation, the secret gingerbread recipes are still in use today. The oldest gingerbread recipe in writing dates back to the 16th century and is kept in the Germanic National Museum, in Nuremberg.

The many different types of gingerbread are recorded in the German guidelines for fine bakery products. The geographical region in which this speciality is produced (the city of Nuremberg) and the quality standards for Nuremberg gingerbread are registered under RAL RG 0131. Since July 1st 1996 Nuremberg gingerbread is a protected product throughout Europe, "protected geographical indication", and is authorised to use the EU stamp.

Protected geographical indication

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  "Elisen" gingerbread cookies are the guild's masterpiece. They have been baked under this name since 1808.
The name stems from the beautiful daughter of a Nuremberg gingerbread baker.

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